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The history of volunteerism at St. Christopher is extraordinary, and differentiates our community from most other schools and parishes in the area.  It's also what builds ties and close friendships within our community - relationships that will support you through the inevitable challenges we all experience in life.  There is no better way to get involved in our community and have a blast doing it! 

If you are Safe Environment Compliant and ready to volunteer, please visit stchris.ivolunteer.com to signup for volunteer shifts.

Volunteer Requirements / Safe Environment Compliant

The Diocese of San Jose is fully committed to protecting our children (minors under age 18), and vulnerable adults.  In accordance with this commitment, is the obligation of every diocesan institution and Catholic school operating with recognition of the Bishop of San Jose to assure that all personnel and volunteers are educated in the realities of child and vulnerable adult abuse.  All volunteers over the age of 18 at Saint Christopher Parish and School must be fingerprinted and take the "Protecting God's Children" online course. 

Please take these two easy steps to become compliant: 

1. Fingerprinting

Volunteers must be fingerprinted by St. Christopher School’s preferred vendor Verify Group on behalf of St. Christopher Parish and Diocese of San Jose.  It involves a records check by California DOJ and the FBI. So, clearance can take up to 3 weeks - please do this early. This only needs to be completed one time.

Fingerprints can be taken at:

Verify Group

262 E Hamilton Ave, Suite A

Campbell, CA
Call 408-761-2156 for Hours and Appointments


2. Online Training Completion

Volunteers must complete "Protecting God's Children" at https://www.virtusonline.org/virtus/reg_2.cfm?theme=0&org=23188.

PDF Instructions for Virtus Online Training.

A certificate of completion must be printed and turned into the parish office or emailed to njolliff@dsj.org. This certificate will need to be updated every 3 years.  

For questions on Safe Environment compliance, please the Parish Office at
(408) 269-2226.

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