Weekly Restaurant Series - Ristorante Fratello

Weekly Restaurant Series - Ristorante Fratello

The Passion of Southern Italy

Picture yourself driving down the Amalfi Coast, a breeze coming off the Mediterranean and the knowledge that you’re surrounded by some of the best food in the world. Well, it turns out some of that food has made its way right into our backyard at Fratello Ristorante on Meridian Avenue. Fratello Ristorante started in February of 2000. Fratello’s owner, Carmine Camporaso, hails from the Amalfi Coast and arrived in the San Jose area in 1997. After starting a sandwich shop in Morgan Hill, he purchased Fratello’s and put his stamp on the menu. Soon after, his brother Giulio and his sister Valentina were great additions to the business, making it a true family affair. Carmine and his family have served the area for over 20 years with a passion for Southern Italian cuisine and a friendly, hospitable atmosphere. The menu specializes in Southern cuisine with fresh dishes, made from scratch. Dishes such as Penne alla Saprese or Rigatoni Fratello, are treasured family recipes. Other popular dishes to try are the delicious Polenta or the Eggplant Parmigiana. So stop by or call in your order to Fratello Ristorante this week and enjoy the passion of Southern Italy in San Jose!

What is HNS?


COMMUNITY involvement

Throughout the year we host Parish wide events like the basketball league, Fit For A King Dinner, and Christmas under the Stars - a celebration of the women of the Parish. 

EVENTS fundraising

Our signature event is the annual St Christopher Festival, raising over $100,000 in just 3 days.


From classroom upgrades to hosting the largest inter-parish school sporting event.  HNS members show up to create an environment that promotes faith, fellowship, and community.