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St Chris Traveler's Classic 2023

8th Grade Basketball Tournament

March 8th - 11th, 2023

2023 St. Christopher Travelers Classic Game Schedule

Wednesday, March 8:
Live Stream - (Archive)

G1: 3:45 pm

G2: 5:00 pm

G3: 6:15 pm

G4: 7:30 pm

Holy Family (b) 32 vs. SC Blue (b) 45 (W)

Willow Glen (g) 26 vs. Holy Family (g) 29 (W)

SHS (b) 18 vs. SC White (b) 51 (W)

Holy Spirit (g) 30 (W) vs. Willow Glen (g) 18

G5: 3:45 pm

G6: 5:00 pm

G7: 6:15 pm

G8: 7:30 pm

SHS  (g) vs. SFC (g)

St. Leo  (b) vs. St. Martin (b)

SFC  (g) vs. SC (g)

SJV  (b) vs. St. Catherines (b)

Friday, March 10:
Live Stream - Coming Soon

G9:   3:45 pm

G10: 5:00 pm

G11: 6:15 pm

G12: 7:30 pm

Holy Family (g) vs. Holy Spirit (g)

Winner G6 (b) vs. Winner G8 (b)

SHS (g) vs. SC (g)

SC Blue (b) vs. SC White (b)

Saturday, March 11:
Live Stream - Coming Soon

G13: 9:45 am

G14: 11:00 am

G15: 12:15 pm

G16: 1:30 pm

G17: 2:45 pm

G18: 4:00 pm

G19: 5:15 pm

G20: 6:30 pm

3rd in group 1 (g) vs. 3rd in group 2 (g)

Loser G1 (b) vs. Loser G3 (b)

Loser G6 (b) vs. Loser G8 (b)

2nd in group 1 (g) vs. 2nd in group 2 (g)

Consolation Game Boy’s Division

Winner G14 vs. Winner G15

Third Place Game Boy’s Division

Loser G10 vs. Loser G12

Championship Game Girl’s Division

Winner Group 1 vs. Winner Group 2

Championship Game Boy’s Division

Winner G10 vs. Winner G12

Home team is listed second: St. Christopher School will always be the HOME team

b = Boy’s

g = Girl’s


Girls 8th Grade basketball Groups:

Group 1:

Willow Glen Middle School

Holy Spirit

Holy Family

Group 2:

SC (St. Christopher)

St. Francis Cabrini (SFC)

Sacred Heart Saratoga (SHS)

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