Sat Nov 3rd, 2018 • St. Christopher School Gym

Come to the St. Chris gym and watch as tomorrow’s innovators practice imaginative thinking and teamwork. FLL teams research a real-world problem and are challenged to develop a solution. Then they must design, build, and program a LEGO MINDSTORMS® robot that competes on a table-top playing field.
Along with having tons of fun, they develop critical thinking and team-building skills, basic STEM applications, and even presentation skills, as they must present their solutions with a dash of creativity to judges. They also practice the Program’s signature Core Values.  Winners of the St. Chris event move on to the next level of competition.


Feb 27th - Mar 2nd, 2019 • St. Christopher School Gym

St. Christopher School's biggest sporting event of the year, this time honored tournament runs for four days (Wednesday to Friday evenings and all day Saturday).  The atmosphere on Saturday is electric as the 8th graders take center court.  It's really the culmination of these talented kids' four year journey in the St. Chris Athletic Program.

6th Grade families run the snack bar and 7th Grade sell tickets at the door.

This is great fun for all St. Chris School families and the quality of ball is amazing! 


Runs September to June
(join at anytime)

Adventure Guides is a program by the South Valley Family YMCA for kids and their fathers.  While not an HNS program, several groups, or "circles", are organized by St. Chris dads and are primarily made up of St. Chris families. With monthly activities and camping weekends, its a great opportunity for dads to spend quality time with their son or daughter. Adventure Guides has become an important program for many families at St Chris.

To get involved, please email one of the circle leaders below.  Which circle?  Talk to the leaders or other dads - but all are great!   

Father/Daughter (K-4)

Poppies - Nick Mooney

Yosemities - Chris Cali

Tahoes - Steve Giachetti (Tahoes are full for 2018)

Father/Son (K-3)

Flatheads - Jose Duarte

Rattlers - TBD

Father/Son (K-4) Non YMCA

Donners - Dave Creamer

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