HNS host various social events throughout the year.  A few are designed to be fundraisers, but the majority are just meant to get the community together and have a great time!   We host dinners, family baseball outings, golf tournaments, adult sports leagues and more.


One of our missions is to promote spiritual involvement - we want to see families come to Church. To foster fellowship following Sunday morning masses, HNS hosts several "Donut Sundays".  HNS supports the RCIA reception for the Easter Vigil each year and we support the Bishop's Dinner which hosts all priests of the diocese.   We also sponsor an Annual Christmas Concert that features both professional musicians and the children of our Parish, making it a wonderful highlight of the Advent and Christmas Seasons.


HNS funds the athletic program at St. Christopher's School including league fees, uniforms, referees and more. We also provide support to other great programs like Lego Robotics.

All students in fifth through eighth grades can participate in girls and boys volleyball, basketball, and track; boys flag football; and girls field hockey.  HNS also hosts the Traveler's Classic, an 8th Grade Basketball Tournament for both boys and girls and highlight of the sports year!

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